Concerned by the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities including the poor, women and girls, daily wage earners, migrant labourers, indigenous peoples, victims of trafficking and slavery, child labourers, people on the move, and people with disabilities, Laureates and Leaders for Children released a joint statement in May 2020, demanding that 20% of relief funds to fight the pandemic should be specifically allocated to the world’s 20% most marginalised.

If, for once, our world gave the most marginalised and vulnerable children and their families their fair share, the results would be transformative. One trillion dollars would fund all outstanding UN and charity COVID-19 appeals, cancel two years of all debt repayments from low-income countries, support two years of the financing gap for the SDGs on education and clean water and sanitation, and fund a whole decade of the health SDG financing gap. There would still be enough left to fund social protection safety nets which are crucial in the fight against child labour. Millions of lives would be saved; a positive response by humanity to the tragedy inflicted by COVID-19.

The joint statement was signed by 88 Nobel Laureates and world leaders and it complements the demand made by global youth for a fair share of COVID-19 relief funds. They raised this demand from both donor governments and domestic budgets in 100 Million’s Justice for Every Child campaign.

On 9-10 September 2020, Laureates and Leaders for Children will continue its advocacy for this demand with the Fair Share for Children Summit.