United Nations Action for Cooperation against Trafficking in Persons (UN- ACT) – represented by Mr. Paul Buckley, regional technical specialist

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    United Nations Action for Cooperation against Trafficking in Persons (UN- ACT) – represented by Mr. Paul Buckley, regional technical specialist

Paul Buckley serves as UN-ACT’s Regional Technical Specialist and has worked in international development for the past twelve years, focusing on migration and trafficking related issues in Southeast Asia and China. This has involved a broad range of experience in capacity development, policy advice, research and report writing, advocacy, facilitation and project management. Paul has conducted extensive fieldwork on vulnerabilities to trafficking and exploitation of migrant workers as Field Operations Coordinator for the UN Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. Key aspects in both roles have been to support coordination between a range of stakeholders, from government to civil society, international organisations and the private sector.

His experience prior to joining UNIAP was with the International Labour Organisation on Human Trafficking and Child Labour projects as well as Labour Rights Promotion Network, based in Thailand. This involved research and advocacy on trafficking and related issues, from a grassroots to policy level. Prior to working in this field, Paul was a researcher on socio-economic and educational trends in the UK for the Department of Education and Skills.

Paul’s academic background is in international development and political economy, particularly related to the East Asia region, with a Masters in Asia-Pacific Studies, and Bachelors in Politics and International Relations.

His publications include:

‘Myanmar-Thai bilateral cooperation to combat trafficking in persons’ in Trafficking in Human Beings: Learning from Asian and European Experiences, EU-Asia Dialogue (2014).

‘Human Trafficking in Thailand’ in Thailand Migration Report 2014, UN Thematic Working Group on Migration in Thailand (2014)

‘Migrant vulnerabilities to human trafficking in Thailand’, UN Thematic Working Group on Migration in Thailand (to be published in 2018)


The UN Action for Cooperation against Trafficking in Persons (UN-ACT) is a UNDP-led initiative to combat human trafficking by building capacities and cooperation through a broad range of interventions and partnerships. UN-ACT takes a development approach to counter-trafficking, through rights-based and gender sensitive responses. Through the Coordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative against Trafficking (COMMIT), a unique inter-governmental cooperation mechanism in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, UN-ACT provides capacity development, coordination and technical support to the governments, as COMMIT Secretariat. As part of its strategy and recognizing the critical need to build the evidence base in the sector, UN-ACT has a research programme and supports other research in the sector. UN-ACT also emphasizes the need for collaboration between government and non-government actors in counter-trafficking, providing platforms for NGOs and facilitating engagement with governments and other stakeholders.

UN-ACT works increasingly on migration and displacement issues more broadly as the focal point for the Asia Pacific region for UNDP. The project benefits from and contributes to other expertise in UNDP including rule of law, livelihoods, anti-corruption, youth and women’s empowerment.