Mr. Noriyuki Suzuki, General Secretary, ITUC Asia Pacific

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    Mr. Noriyuki Suzuki, General Secretary, ITUC Asia Pacific
    General Secretary, ITUC-Asia Pacific

Born in 1952 in Japan
Education: MA, Graduated from Graduate School, Faculty of
Literature, Tokyo University, Majored in History of the German
Social Democracy

Employment and Appointment
1977-1981: Office of Mr. Roo Watanabe, Member of the House of
1981: The Japanese Federation of Textile, Garment, Chemical,
Distributive and Allied Workers’ Unions (ZENSEN/UI ZENSEN)
1989-1998: Central Executive Standing Committee
Member/Director, International Affairs Bureau, ZENSEN
1994-1998: Secretary, TWARO (Asia and Pacific Regional
Organisation of the ITGLWF- International Textile, Garment and
Leather Workers’ Federation)
1998: ZENSEN/UI ZENSEN Councilor
1999: JTUC Councilor
1999 – 2007: General Secretary, ICFTU-APRO
2004 – 2006: Assistant General Secretary, ICFTU
2007 till Present: General Secretary, ITUC-Asia Pacific
2007 till Present: Deputy General Secretary, ITUC