About Us

In December 2014, as the Nobel Laureates of Class of 2014 gathered and learned about the work of fellow Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, they shared their desire to contribute towards building a better world for children. As a symbol of their resolve, the Nobel Laureates lit a candle for the children of the world. In 2015, Mr. Satyarthi along with fourteen other Nobel Laureates wrote to the UN Secretary General on the need to increase financing for education. The letter was referred to during the declaration by the UN Secretary General at the Oslo Education Financing Summit which led to the formation of the International Commission on the Financing of Global Education Opportunities.

Recognising the change that could be brought to the lives of children around the world if visionaries from various fields worked together, Kailash Satyarthi proposed bringing together Nobel Laureates and world leaders to interact with and work for the right of every child to have a free, safe and educated childhood. To bring this vision to fruition the Laureates and Leaders for Children platform was launched in 2016.